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Jonah Conrad - Gemini (Album)

Jonah Conrad - Gemini (Album)

Jonah Conrad, the man of many frequencies has returned with "Gemini" & I'm not wasting any time here, once you hit play, you will instantly become in sync as if the blood pumping his bleeding heart is now flowing through your arteries.

This album is basically two albums for the price of one, the 1st half sounding more reflective & meditative.

The poignancy in how briskly each of these melancholy instrumentations travel will yank and snap the heartstrings of the strongest.

This is music to sit with completely alone in utter silence, whether it be day or night, rainy or sunny, whether you're here or there, alone I'd say is the best so as to let the music really grasp onto your soul.

The music throughout this first half really had me wanting to spill my guts out onto it, the memories these combinations of sounds were conjuring up almost became unbareable so I was relieved when Playground Heart started waving his white flag on "Surrender".

At that point in the album, things start to get more upbeat with the more R&B inspired joints like "Diamonte" & the PR1MO assisted "Priorities" (The COVET!)

The halfway point or what I feel is the start of the 2nd part of the album begins with "Say U Do", which sounds like something out of a ballroom dance floor concerto coming out of an old dusty radio, the way it cuts off and jumps right into the irresistably groovy revelry ("Luv Me 2nite", "She Just Wanna") is a brilliant way to kick things off.

The music here is gleefully intoxicating, almost enough to silence the pain or memories you simply wish to forget that the 1st half may conjure up but by the time you've realized you've had one too many, be it drinks, this, that, whatever vice of your choice ("Too Far Gone", "Hydroplaning"), it's like the party slowly begins to cease and you're once again left alone with those thoughts from before.("Gemini")

A bittersweet journey this record is, the most poignant instrumental music I've heard in a while and like I said, 2 records for the price of one that gorgeously merge, each song flowing effortlessly into the next, not to mention we get two bonus cuts, one where Levicantsing did his thing on and another Jonah Conrad sung record. (We need more of these!)

Jonah may have constructed his magnum opus with this record, we'll have to wait and see but I'm confident these arrays of sounds will stand the test of time.

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