Brock MacKenzie - Red Eye (EP)

Brock has invited you to board his red-eye flight to heaven so fasten your seatbelts, adjust that neck pillow and rest those ruby like pupils of yours.

With airy, dreamlike vocals that almost vanish into the thin air-esque production ranging from the melancholy house of (“After Party”) to the minimalist trap of (“Odyssey”) to the Lo-Fi Hip Hop of (“One Last Time”), MacKenzie is here to guide you through his nomadic journey of state to state revelry and contemplativeness after the fact.

These frequencies will linger long after you reach the destination and you’ll quickly find yourself packing yet another (“Suitcase”) to revisit this transitory trip.

Jacqueline Haupt - Summer Of 1980 prod by Kevin Kantana

With a sound and voice so undeniably fun and youthful, Haupt’s sensational purring is attractive enough to lull listeners into her summertime happiness (Sorry Lana, no sadness here) to admire all these little beauties the season has to offer.

While she’s dreading the daytime coming to it’s inevitable end, she encourages friends and listeners alike to simply enjoy the sunset with her.

Add all of that over Kevin Kantana’s soulfully vigorous bounce and you have a heat wave you’ll find yourself waving back to.

Playground Heart - IM JUST KINDA JEALOUS

After a brief 4 month hiatus, our favorite heartthrob, Mister Playground Heart has returned with the anthem for the envious.

Set to an irresistibly groovy, reminiscently modern amalgamation of production, PH is swooning over someone he just can’t have & knows in his heart he can’t have but boy is he still persistent in his pursuit.

No doubt she’ll be second guessing her relationship after hearing this level of crooning.

Green is a good color on you PH.