DJ Shades - Sunlight

With summer inching closer & closer to it’s end, a slew of summery vibes have been rapidly making there way out & Shades continues this streak with the sun beaming down on his tinted lenses, wooing his lover with lush whispers & sweet nothings on the glaring “Sunlight”.

Angel Cintron - Sane (Video) Shot By DavieeDavee

Beachy sands so peachy keen, waves of momentary emotions flowing across her chest, Angel just does not want the good feeling to end in the fugacious visual treatment to her anthem for living in the moment “Sane” off her alluring “Dream Catcher” album.

Boy is she prepossessing in this video let alone period!

Paula Cortez - Cereal (EP)

Gone is the “Daydream” & here is the reality, the saccharine poppet that is Paula Cortez has some “Cereal” to offer & no, this isn’t no amaranth, more so barley yet sweeter than Kellogg’s, she welcomes you into her land of milk & honey for 16 minutes of pure Pop poignancy that’ll surely invigorate listeners & lovers alike like a bowl of bran with cherries.

Breakfast has never been so good & if you enjoy it in bed, these 5 records will leave you & your significant other spooning with a replay value that brings no chances of a fork being stuck in it.

Yung Lou - The Letter (Official Video)

Yung Lou drops another visual off his “Homecoming” record entitled “The Letter”, briefly expressing the hurt that comes with two people who love each other but maybe just aren’t good for one another, maybe just a little too different for each other both artistically & personally, a harsh reality Lou is grappling with.

Peep the gloomy, cloudy & sodden visuals down below.