I Beg Your Pardon - Cucumber Summer & Chapin is Back

The hilariously insightful, crudely gut tickling, effortlessly comedic I Beg Your Podcast has finally, FINALLY returned (and so has Chapin!), after a year hiatus to discuss damn near everything that has occurred this year so far from Cosby & Kelly both serving sentences to the sexual usage of cucumbers, you name it, they cover it.

Kicking things off with special dedications to Aye Cue, A.J. Bray and yours truly, they immediately jump into the nitty gritty surrounding R. Kelly, separating the art from the artist which I wish more people felt comfortable doing cause no, the fact that his music is great and in some ways timeless, does not excuse his actions but at the same time, still enjoying his music does not mean you being a fan of it is basically you condoning his actions, even offering great and bigger examples, comparisons like Elvis and sooo many other artists, the Hollywood scene, even George Washington, if we could do it with those people then we can keep the same energy here and with whoever comes out doing foul shit next.

The boys have high hopes for Dave Chapelle’s surprise upcoming Netflix special, considering the previous two let alone the legendary status of the OG comedian, their brand of humour clearly draws influence from Dave’s ridiculously honest style.

For the hip hop heads such as myself, the guys discuss what music they’re currently on, everything from the whole Griselda movement’s exciting year, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s magnum opus, even plugging us in into some new names we may not be so familiar with, of course Ramon’s R&B loving ass had to make things a little sensual in the middle of this segment.

There’s a lot to unfold in this hour, shoutouts to Judge Mathis, crack, CBD, Guatemala, Daddy Yankee, Manny Pacquiao, they poke fun at depressed women, a few races of people, nobody is safe from their verbal poking and prodding, inadvertent pushing of buttons cause no, they don’t mean to offend, you can’t listen to the conversations between these three and not find yourself chuckling at the first things that come to their minds surrounding these topics, it’s wild, witty, and most importantly unapologetic.