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Blues - Creole Review

Blues - Creole Review

So I didn't have a blog when this dropped but now I do so now to give my two sense about a project I don't see promoted as much as I think it should be. Creoles by Blues is a great piece of work but before I even talk about the tracks let's look at the tracklist and album cover. You got Georrge Oliver creativity on the cover which was a standout to me then the tracklist: that have two titans on it (Ma$$ie Da Peddler & Izaq Roland) then production credit from Stefan Green, RAM , Cap N Crunch and Saint , who all snapped *round of applause* now to the producers creation with Blues lyrics to it...first track Blues "had to put some soul on it" and soul he did, if the first track don't grab my attention..fuck yo tape but that wasn't the issue here, the issue is there nothing bad I can say about this track he floated on it and I fuck wittit.

Hercules = too raw

Posideion= crime scene

Bad Trip= greatness

Filthy= great name for a dope fuckin track, and Ma$$ie bro killed that shit!!

Bushes= aka get the fuck outta my way and watch me work

Not Even= *flexxxin*

Rhinestone=probably my favorite track off the project, shit is grimey but I fuck with it so heavy like this been on repeat for awhile

Pulse= first track I heard before he dropped the project and I still have the same thing to say about when I first heard it...shit is too insane like picture two rhinos in a steel cage and this is what comes from it.


To conclude I fuck with this and really stick to my opinion on this is something I think more people should really give a listen to but yo I guess y'all can catch the wave late.

                            Posted by: Frank Campos


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