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Dingo Johnson - Make San Antonio Great Again Review

Dingo Johnson - Make San Antonio Great Again Review

So eventually I was gonna do this even tho people thought I was gonna be biased since he's the homie and I support him regardless but nah y'all thought wrong bout to give you my honest opinion on....MAKE SAN ANTONIO GREAT AGAIN. First of all, real dope collections of producers that include XANAXFANCLUB, Amazing Prophet, Kendell And The Loners, Say Jackson, LZRCAT & Outer Sage real dope off the back now to the tracks.....so Manifesto, great fucking intro track, don't think I need to say more. Now The Jig Is Up, crazy, love the way the beat changes up & Dingo waste no time to make your understand why he's running the city. Before I talk about this track..major shoutout to XANAXFANCLUB on this insane beat and Dingo Johnson, Mr. FuckYoBitch, honestly does this beat justice and totally kills it...we on to to the next track y'all. Sherm Stick sounds exactly what you think it sounds like...an OF track seeing how Dingo sounds just like Tyler but here's a little secret *come closer* he's not Tyler he's Dingo Johnson and he just annihilated this track. Now, "Dick Baby"???? weird ass title track bro, but can't front I'm still fucking with the track, shit gots me feeling "icy like the planet Hoth". Side B is one of those tracks that you got two gifted rappers laying heat but you can't pick who did better, one time for G Cleft, dope shit. Russian Mafia sounds crazy like I'm wilding out how the beat changes and it's "kicking...Liu Kang" listen to the song people so you know what I'm talking bout.


So yeah gave my full honest opinion and the only bad thing I can say is it's should have more tracks and that he should've drop my name in a track buuuut anyways I give this five waves or whatever if we were doing ratings and be sure to check out his site dingohive.com cop a few shirts see the hilarious fan page or just use it as safe tab when your watching Porn Hub either way just visit the site.

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                              Posted by: Frank Campos