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Phree-Bass Sampulz - LIEF PSYCHULZ (Album review)

Phree-Bass Sampulz - LIEF PSYCHULZ (Album review)


Now off the back these the homies 4 life and I 1000% support anything that comes from these two individuals they know there great and they back that shit up with there music. Now I remember when Baby Aztro dropped "Life Psychulz" and I was out of town and Mikey had send me a soundcloud link while I was away but I refused to listen to it until I actually got my album copy haha and when I did I couldn't stop jamming the album shit was too fire, they had two previous great tapes but the album tho (3 peat) let's get down to the breakdown on each tracks


So you got Baby Aztro on the mic & Mikey Strange on the boards...you know some crazy shit it about to go down!!


Start - great fucking intro, Aztro doesn't let you forget why nobody fucking with him


U-Foria - now first time I heard this I was bugging out cause first off the beat is clean af second Aztro kills the track & makes it look too easy


Git Liev - production on this is a little upbeat but Aztro doesn't have trouble still getting his lyrical shit on !!


Jon4tay - off the back the beat was crazy insane and I fuck wittit, Aztro, is mixed with Quentin Taratino & Nino, spitting heat as always and definitely like he chooses this track alot to do live (salute)


Da Protess -  Mikey Strange with the FiveSteps sample (same one Organized Noize used for Two Dope Boyz) which he does justice and Aztro as always killing it.


Uhmerakkkin Pie - the first single that was released and I still fuck wittit the same way when I first heard it.


Kyla Pratt & Raven Symonè - Aztro telling y'all why he's making music basically it's for the chance to fuck Kyla Pratt & Raven Symonè & I respect that to the fullest (I hopeyou get that some day g) and Mikey getting his Birdman talk on the track (PBS MUTHAFUCKA)


Da Vurdikt - "Mikey Strange. Aztro, first name Baby"  get that shit correct and shoutout to DJ Pakman on the cuts for this one


Phamilyur Strainjurz - really great track I really like the production on this one & Baby Aztro keeps the vibe on that lyrical shit


Shodawhirld - now this is my favorite joint off the project, at one of the lowest points in my life this song has got me thru it all forreal which is why I hold up as high as I do (I also know not to talk to Mikey sideways or Baby Aztro crack my jaw)


Lief Psychulz - They say the Outro track gots to be dope as the intro & here....is the perfect example of that !!



Now I know this a late review but I don't give a fuck I didn't have a blog to express my opinion on this masterpiece but now I do andI hope y'all enjoy this album as much as I did forreal.


All thanks to the homies once again Baby Aztro & Mikey Strange can't wait to hear the next PBS tape...coming soon?




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