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Fashion WAVE: Self Edge Presents: Weaving Shibusa

There is a certain necessity In every outfit wether it be having a basic white tee or having some white Stan Smiths or a pair of classic Van Shoes and denim is one of those items you need to have in your wardrobe. Now you may say I have denim jeans and its nothing special they are just jeans and that may be true but thats cause those are mass produced and has a certain formula to it. But to own a pair a Japanese denim is another thing, the making of these traditional jeans is almost becoming a lost art form. Most of the machines making these raw denim jeans are a few and far between so to have a pair is worth the high price tag. There is so much work and artistic ingenuity that goes into a pair of jeans that its becomes a walking art piece. So by purchasing and wearing a pair of thee jeans it automatically makes you part of the piece and through the years of wear the jeans goes thru it develops character made by the owner. In this trailer director Devin Liesher shows the audience the art form of making these awesome pair of Japanese denims and the few tailors that make them. 

Posted by David Sagahon

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D'Shaun - 06 Acura Freestyle (Video)