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Angel Cintron - Dream Catcher (Album)

Angel Cintron - Dream Catcher (Album)

Angel Cintron is just that, an angel.

From the jump, her angelic voice floats elegantly over the ethereal ambience that is "REM", its as if she is literally hovering above her own dreamscape, praying she never wakes up from this fantasy and it's safe to say that she's dreaming throughout the entirety of "Dream Catcher".

These records, or better yet musing diary entries, explore everything from the desire for the finer things in life ("Skirt") to drowning her woes in late night benders ("PNBS") to continuing to chase her aspirations despite these woes on the title track.

Her pop sensibilities really flourish on tracks like ("Sane") where we find her seeking happiness, even if it's temporary or the PaintItBlues assisted ("Finesser") where both artists make it very clear just how little influence their detractors hold over thier day to day lives.

Continue "Riding Waves" other than your own haters.

But the true gem within these 9 lies near the end with the stripped down, coming of age number ("I Suck At Adulthood").

Anybody still discovering themselves, anybody questioning where it's all headed will find peace upon listening.

All in all, this an ephemerally impeccable debut from a more than promising aspiring artist, a soulfully driven album that'll blow the listener away with the wind like dandelion fluff.

All that's left to say is, girl, keep chasing those dreams and know that even after you ("Wake Up"), there's still such a thing as daydreaming.

The scales will fall from your eyes soon Angel, just close them and before you know it, you'll be asleep again.

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by: Anthony Colunga 

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