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Manic Supply Clothing interview

 Manic supply is a clothing brand from Canada that has some very dope inspirations behind each of their pieces. Here is an introduction to them and a small interview on them and the brand. 


Wavez Movement: Who are the creative mind(s) behind the brand ?

MANIC:There's two of us who run Manic. We share the same interests in clothes and like making things we think are cool.

WM: How did the name of the brand Manic supply  come about ?

 MANIC:We just call ourselves 'Manic'. We spent a while brainstorming and spent a week with the name 'Manic'; that was the one that stuck with us.


WM: What are the inspirations behind each piece ? 

MANIC: Everything we make is a design one of us comes up with and develop together. Many of our designs are inspired by 80's / 90's popular culture and streetwear.

WM: What message are you getting across with your brand ?

MANIC: We don't really have a message, we just make clothes we think are cool and think people will like as well.


WM: Where do you see this brand 5 years from now? 

MANIC: Still making clothes we like, with more people seeing it.

WM: Who would you want to collab with in the future ?

MANIC: Anyone whose brand we like, we're open to anything as long as we like each other's clothes

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