OhGodDC! - Closure (Album)

Not just one of San Antonio’s finest, highly prolific yet criminally underrated producers but I repeat, one of Hip Hop’s, no fuck that, one of the finest, highly prolific yet criminally underrated producers in music as a whole, after countless projects displaying his musical dexterity, has dropped off his magnum opus “Closure”.

Along for the ride are artists like New Jersey’s K.Luci firing from all cylinders on (“Tick Tock”),   Atlanta’s Pe$o spazzing out on (“Miami”, “Missing In Action”) or smoothly macking on the ladies (“She Amazin’”), San Antonio’s FlexOnDaTrack doing just that on  (“HotBoiSh!t”), the lovely San Antonio native and partner to the man of the hour laid up with her boo in their (“Apartment”), fellow Covet member/producer extraordinaire Jonah Conrad meshing production styles on the club-esque groove (“King”) and we can’t forget Mae Hill & Darren Rayshawn’s contributions, each artist fits right at home in OhGod’s musically banging playground!

Yet, none of these artists take the attention away from OhGod’s ambidextrous production which is inarguably some of the most top notch, all over the place shit you’ll ever hear from the city, rather they compliment it.

Exiting the dark place he was once in, this album is a celebration of growth and determination to forever be on an incline both personally and musically, the sound throughout is jovially that of a man at peace with himself and as many projects this man has under his belt, “Closure” is the ending of that dark chapter but ironically, it is merely the beginning.

Andria Rose - French Perfume

Andria sets the mood and dims the lights ever so slowly with velvet touch and airy ambience on the atmopsherically permeating “French Perfume”, a song in one’s heart fore love is not all moonlight and roses but at least for tonight it is.

Paula Cortez - Foreign II

Last year, San Antonio’s biggest sweetheart Paula Cortez, blessed us with the stripped down version of “Foreign” but on “Foreign II”, she leaves behind the acoustics and calls on Josue Jimenez for a much more polished update of the heartachingly soaring ballad, filled with groovy studio flourishes making for a record equivalent to that of a bonafide FM Radio Hit, a small but elegant hint of what we can expect on her “Cereal” EP come August 30th!